It’s quite rare that I’ll step out of my metaphorical “musical cocoon” of drum and bass editorials, but when I was sent this heavyweight masterpiece, I knew I had to cover it. Holy Goof has smashed through our channels with a brand new VIP that features Notion and Face and we couldn’t be more ecstatic to share it with you. With his stylistic tendencies to blend UK Garage with a bass heavy undertone, Holy Goof is truly making the year of 2018 his by force, showcasing his most recently- unraveled talent following his massive Fabriclive 97 mix.

The tune begins with an ominously-melancholic introduction that pays ode to the heavyweight breakdown to come. With filtered drums and a curious sense of emotion, this VIP highlights everything special about the genre itself. Expect this massive tune to be shaking speakers internationally. BIG!