As much as people try to break the mold in music, there’s something to be said for a tried-and-true formula. That’s being said, there’s no reason you can’t spice it up a bit or put your own personal touch on it, and the new single from EVAN GIIA is the perfect example of that sentiment.

Working double time as a ballad and high-energy, bouncy house tune, “WESTWORLD” is crazy fun. Deep house vibes blend with tropical notes and addictive vocals for a bouncy and boisterous tune you just couldn’t help but dance to. While I’ve never heard this dropped live, it’s not hard to imagine the whole crowd grooving in unison.

EVAN GIIA is the newest addition to ODESZA’s Foreign Family Collective. On the topic of the single, ODESZA offers high praise: “The first time we heard ‘WESTWORLD’ we were immediately drawn to how much of an anthem it was. We found ourselves coming back to it over and over throughout our last tour. EVAN GIIA encapsulates a lot of the same things that excite us about the future of electronic music. We’re extremely honored to not only represent her on our label but also to work with someone with such vision, talent and determination.”

Check out “WESTWORLD” below!