The idea of a deadmau5 and Mr. Bill collaboration has been sort of floating around in the ether since August last year, but there hasn’t been much in ways of updates about it from either artist… until this week.

According to a reddit user who snagged a video from one of Mr. Bill’s recent shows, the producer debut his collaboration with deadmau5. You would think that something like this would garner some attention on the subreddit, but as of time of publishing, it has 0 comments and only 5 upvotes.

The sound quality on the video definitely isn’t the greatest, however we can hear a distinct melody and progression in the music. Mr. Bill’s style of glitchy composition is uniquely recognizable, while deadmau5’s penchant for songwriting and arrangement supremely complements everything it touches.

Mr. Bill x Deadmau5 collab premiered last night. from EDM

A version of the collaboration was recorded by prominent deadmau5 stream watcher Wanza7 and uploaded last November, which you can hear in more pristine quality below.


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