UPDATE: Datsik has issued an official statement categorically denying all allegations. He does not address any particular accusation specifically.

Early this morning, numerous accusations of sexual misconduct between Datsik and fans began circulating when @_princesssjay began sharing screenshots of a conversation in a Facebook thread. The conversation contained allegations of various types of sexual misconduct, ranging from encouraging women to take drugs in his tour bus to forcing himself on other women.

Once the original tweet began to pick up steam, others chimed in with their own harrowing experiences with Datsik. It had 142 retweets, 284 favorites, and 26 replies before it was deleted to maintain certain users’ privacy.

As for the accusations lobbied against Space Jesus in the original tweet, no others have come forth with any further accounts of misconduct on his part. Wooli even tweeted in his defense, though that tweet has since been deleted, as well.

Twitter accounts

@2LittBritt replied, “Datsik fucked my 18 year old friend after getting her so drunk she could barely stand last year.”

@tiny_flotato said, “My friends and I were getting some weird vibes when his manager got our numbers, names, and then squirted [us] with water to see our nipples and told us to come hang with them later on the bus.”

@_alex_and_ria_ replied, “Datsik is a piece of shit. He fed my friend ketamine and xanax so she would feel comfortable enough to have a threesome with him on his tour bus & then he kicked her out and she was so disoriented and fucked up she had a lot of issues getting home.”

She continued, “She’s fine!! She said he was nice until he kicked her out afterwards & she didn’t really realize she was a victim until a lot later. Just so gross that he hunts girls down and feeds them drugs to make them loosen up like…that’s rape…she had never done k before either.”

Someone who DM’d @_princesssjay, who wished to remain anonymous, said, “Datsik was extremely fucked up and being super creepy towards my friend and [me]. He was doing [ketamine] in the back of the bus with them and kept trying to fuck my friend. Then when he came up to the front room (where I was) the first thing he did when he saw me was sit down next to me and call me cute. He then grabbed me and went in to kiss me. I moved my face back and he literally pulled a section of my hair to bring my face back towards him. He kept sitting on my friend and I and being creepy and touchy. And then would come put his arms around me and ask me to go to another room him and I’d say no / try to chance the subject & he […]”

Two users also shared evidence of the “Tulsa” name tag that was apparently given to girls headed back to Datsik.

Others went back and found inappropriate tweets that Datsik had posted nearly seven years ago – these tweets have since been deleted.

Datsik finally acknowledged the storm that was brewing his way and told his followers that a “post [would be] coming soon.” We’ve reached out to his team, and are awaiting an official statement sometime soon.

If you’ve encountered a situation like this with Datsik or any other DJ please feel free to email us at [email protected]

This is a developing story…


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