deadmau5 is about to unleash a new album full of some of his greatest productions, completely reimagined by an orchestra!

The where’s the drop? pre-sale is set to go live tomorrow, but the producer is letting us in on the track list a day early. “Imaginary Friends,” “Avaritia,” “Strobe,” and so much more amazing work from deadmau5 will soon be heard like never before (including “HR 8938 Cephei,” what!). Running 14 tracks deep, where’s the drop? is sure to take music fans to places previously restricted by the EDM soundscape.

where’s the drop? is more than just an album, however. On May 31st and April 1st, deadmau5 and a full orchestra will perform a selection of the producer’s groundbreaking music live, as re-envisioned by musical director Gregory Reveret. The show will be exclusively live streamed via TIDAL, but a select few will enjoy the twice-in-a-lifetime performance live from LA.

We absolutely can’t wait to hear these tracks brought to life by an orchestra!

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where’s the drop? (tracklist)

album pre-sale thing tomorrow, so here's the track list…

Posted by deadmau5 on Thursday, March 22, 2018


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