Ultra Music Festival told us to “expect the unexpected,” which, in hindsight, probably wasn’t the greatest tagline for their 20th anniversary. Most of the surprises were fairly predictable, even the reunion of Swedish House Mafia. (Don’t get us wrong, it was awesome, but we saw it coming from a mile away.)

But now, Tomorrowland is using that same tagline and it has us wondering… is Swedish House Mafia doing the festival circuit?

Yesterday at 10am PST, Tomorrowland shared the following post with its UNITE with Tomorrowland | Italy event page. We know what you’re thinking, “Wait, what??” We looked through the other UNITE pages and couldn’t find any similar posts made by Tomorrowland in any of them. So at best, this theory is only flimsy; at worst, it’s reaching quite, quite far.

However, when considering that other festivals likeĀ Don’t Let Daddy Know and Creamfields both also posted about the Swedish House Mafia reunion, we really can’t help but wonder at the possibility.

To be clear, nothing is confirmed as of now and we’re only presenting the question, but it’s worth thinking about, if only for a little bit.