An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Even if you’re not feeling well, force yourself to laugh and the real feelings will follow. A glass of red wine at dinner lowers your risk of cancer. Going to concerts can help you live a longer life… wait, what was that last one?

According to a study conducted by O2 and Goldsmith’s University Associate Lecturer Patrick Fagan, it’s true – going to concerts has a multitude of beneficial health effects, including potentially increasing your life expectancy by up to nine years.

Participants in the study reported back after going to a concert or show with an increase in feelings of self-worth (+25%), closeness to others (+25%) and mental stimulation (+75%). Overall “feelings of wellbeing” increased by 21%.

Patrick Fagan, Expert in Behavioural Science and Associate Lecturer at Goldsmith’s University, said:

“Our research showcases the profound impact gigs have on feelings of health, happiness and wellbeing – with fortnightly or regular attendance being the key. Combining all of our findings with O2’s research, we arrive at a prescription of a gig a fortnight [once every two weeks] which could pave the way for almost a decade more years of life.”

There was no research done to determine at what point going to too many gigs would produce adverse effects.

Disclaimer: going to shows does not replace healthy diet or exercise.


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