While my tastes usually lean more toward heavier bass music, that actually means that when I do listen to something a little softer, it’s that much better. I heard the Disco Fries’ new track “U Make Me” earlier this week and was immediately compelled to premiere it.

Featuring the sweet and tender vocals of Raquel Castro, “U Make Me” is a laid back, easy-going tune that is comparatively easier on my neck than the usual genres I go for. Instead, I found my hips mindlessly swaying, shoulders drifting from side to side, and humming along to that excessively catchy melody.

It has the sort of vocal chops you might expect in a trap song, but it definitely has more of an indie future bass vibe to it. Well, no matter how you classify it, “U Make Me” is fun to listen to and that’s why we’re here.

Check it out below via Enhanced.