After Sullivan King’s last EP on Kannibalen, 2017’s House Of Wolves, we’ve been desperately wanting more of that insane metal/bass hybrid sound, and by gum we’ve got it…

Sully just announced his new Come One, Come All EP on the label and dropped the EP’s first single today, “Dropkick.” And right out the gate, you can already tell how this is going to end up if you encounter it live. Sullivan King flexes his vocals in the intro, along with pounding drums and heavy guitar riffs, leading to that unavoidable gut punch that we like to call the drop.

Sullivan King approaches his drops like a torture device more than art; and by that, we mean that you’re really going to feel it in the morning. Between all of the elements in the track, we’re really not sure if this should even be legal.

“This track embodies the most of what I find inspiring currently in music, personally, in the bass and metal scene. I’ve really been trying to write off of that, as opposed to work at being so ‘different.’ I can definitely say that trying to do the [latter] of the 2 ways of writing, can become more than just stressful and aggravating…

Everything in this track from the simplicity of the live-playing in the guitar and bass – which is really stripped down to a bare minimum of tracks – to the groove of the drop, and of course the vocals, is a far more black and white sound for me, and it’s satisfying to hear, especially in 2018.”

Check out “Dropkick” below.

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