Moroccan police have seized a record-breaking amount of ecstasy pills, after carrying out the biggest bust of the illicit drug the North-African country has ever seen.

A whopping 241,319 ecstasy pills were reportedly confiscated by the Moroccan security services. The European-manufactured drugs were en route to Morocco when the bust went down. Just one driver and one passenger with tons of ecstasy in tow were apprehended.

Only two persons were arrested for hauling the drugs. Still, we can’t imagine the kind of manpower it must have taken to count hundreds of thousands of pills.

This bust came as Moroccan security services have set their efforts on fighting drug rings across the country. Morocco has adopted an anti-drug strategy and is focused on breaking apart distribution networks, including traffickers, suppliers and consumers.

According to the North Africa Post, Moroccan police are also committed to “prosecution, prevention, education, medical treatment of addicts, creation of job opportunities for the youth and speeding of socioeconomic development of vulnerable zones.”

The country maintains a tight relationship with the International Narcotic Control Board (INCB) and its anti-drug efforts.


Source: North Africa Post