We have seen Lee Burridge’s famed outdoor party, All Day I Dream, grow exponentially over the past few years from a monthly party to a massive world tour just last year and now it has come time for him to take it even further. Expanding to over 36+ dates in 15+ different countries, Lee Burridge is back with another massive global All Day I Dream tour, Journeys of 2018.

You’ll be able to experience the magic, aesthetic, and artistic vibes of All Day I Dream at multiple Summer Residencies in both Ibiza and Mykonos while London plays host three dates in 2018. With the expansion to more cities this year fans in Istanbul, Iceland and Turkey will get a chance to experience the dream like scapes that All Day I Dream is known to create. Back over in the US New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco will continue to host events regularly while Toronto, Montreal Chicago, Miami, Detroit, Las Vegas and more entertain single one-offs.

The fun doesn’t stop there either, you can expect a few festival takeovers from ADID as well at Belgium’s Tomorrowland, Amsterdam’s ADE, Barcelona’s Off Sonar, Iceland’s Summer Solstice, and Woodstock ‘69 in Holland. When they say this is a world tour they aren’t kidding.

In Lee Burridge’s own words, “I’d always imagined this music being embraced the way we see it today, but it never ceases to make me smile actually seeing it happen. I’m so excited and humbled at the opportunities ahead of myself and the amazing and talented group of artists around me”.

Tickets are available now on All Day I Dream’s website.