We’ve told you all about Academy.fm and the masterminds at Cymatics — now, behold the site’s latest offering. For music producers, this new Ableton Live Masterclass is the ultimate 60-day program to professional sounding tracks.

Getting your creative process flowing can be intimidating, especially when you’re working with a new DAW. But the guys at Cymatics know exactly how to navigate Ableton Live 10 and are ready to teach you everything they know, starting now. Enrollment is open.

For a limited time, a rate of $247 will get you unlimited access to Academy.fm including 18 full Ableton courses, 5 complete start to finishes and much more. The Ableton Live Masterclass we’re so hyped on comes complete with a 60-day curriculum and assignments. There’s a lot of info, but the lessons move at a pace you can absorb quickly.

Personally, I’m two days deep and I can say I’ve learned more within just a couple of lessons than I have digging through hours of tutorials on YouTube. The lessons are taught in a fun, laidback, yet informative way. And when it comes time for an assignment, it feels achievable.

Here are some of the highlights to expect from the Ableton Live Masterclass via Cymatics:

60-Day Curriculum
Unlimited Access to Academy.fm (800+ courses and tutorials)
18 Full Ableton Courses
5 Complete Start to Finishes
Live Streams with Professional Producers
Invitation to the Private Mastermind Group
Learn How to Make Full, Professional Tracks

Most importantly, this Masterclass will teach you every technique in Ableton Live 10 until you can make full, professional tracks with ease. Sounds like music to my ears.

I’ll be sure to keep you updated as I make my way through the program. Get started here.