It’s always nice when a music festival listens to its attendees and Spring Awakening is all ears. SAMF was a hot one last year and music fans were thirsting for more free water stations. Now, the event will offer more options to keep people hydrated.

“We’ve heard your feedback regarding the 2017 Free Water Stations and wanted to share our plans on how it will be improved for 2018!”

This year the festival grounds will include 10 free water stations with 6 sprouts each. Plus, SAMF is putting in place a dedicated staff to make sure all the sprouts are being used efficiently. That means 60 people should be able to fill up at any given moment throughout the festival.

In addition to the new water stations, each attendee will be allowed to bring in one factory sealed single serving water bottle and a hydration pack.

Our SAMF 2017 recap described long wait times during the daytime rush:

In order to combat the heat, which climbed into the mid-90s during parts of weekend, Spring Awakening provided several free water stations for attendees to utilize. Despite the convenience of free hydration, however, the lines that formed during the hottest parts of the day were staggeringly long and full of people deciding between missing portions of the music and getting a sip of water. The addition of several more stations would be a benefit for the festival moving into future iterations, preventing the bottleneck effect and giving attendees more options to find a free drink.

We have to give the festival major props for staying on top of concerns. “Your hydration is key to the best weekend of the year and we hope you’ll join us for an unforgettable SAMF 2018,” the festival shared.

Thanks, Spring Awakening! Stay hydrated and have fun out there!

Spring Awakening Boosts Free Water Stations


Photo credit: Georgia Modi