Let’s be real: animals are better than humans. And behind many of our favorite artists there is a furry (or scaly) friend that has their back.

So in honor of National Pet Day we’re listing off just a few of our favorite animals in the EDM community. These are more than just pets — these are the BFFs, the ride or dies, the animals that make us want to be better people.

Meowingtons, Nyan & “Noob” (deadmau5)

We’re not trying to play favorites here, but Meowingtons is a true legend. He can’t help but get a little favoritism among his siblings. Here he is photographed with a heady deadmau5 pendant, doing the damn thing.

Nyan (below) seems like the Yin to Meowington’s Yang. Just recently, “Noob” was welcomed into the family as well. deadmau5 has his hands full with these cats.

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A post shared by Meowingtons (@meowingtons) on

Skrillex Pupper

This lil guy is probably the most famous yet the most elusive of all our favorite EDM fur babies. We don’t even know this pupper’s name yet — but, we’re crazy for him! Just look at that face!

And check out how happy Skrillex looks here, spending time with his new buddy.

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Kitty Lightz (Pretty Lights)

Meet Neko & Minxy. Their Instagram bio says it all: “We haz folded earz. We luv rubbinz and snugz. We iz Kitty lightz.”

Plus, they have a hella cute, catchy name for their kitty clique.

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Ghastly’s Animals

To be quite honest, we’re not entirely sure how many pets Ghastly has in total. Every time we turn around (or log into Instagram), it seems he has another snake.

He’s one of the only people we know that owns reptiles and what one might consider their food — Bunnycio Del Toro.

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A post shared by GHASTLY(◕,,,◕) (@ghastly) on

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Puppy Diamond (Paper Diamond)

We’re all about these matchy-matchy pet/owner names and Puppy Diamond has his on lock. Honestly, we couldn’t imagine a chiller looking dog. This pup knows what’s up.

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Louie & Cheddar (The Chainsmokers)

The Chainsmokers are an inseparable pair and the bond they share with their animals are just as special.

Exhibit A: Drew Taggart and his dog Louie.
Exhibit B: Alex Pall and his dog Cheddar.

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Molly (Alison Wonderland)

Alison Wonderland loves her dog, Molly, unconditionally. So much so that AW even toured North America via bus just so she could take her BFF along for the ride.

Lately, she’s also been pictured with a tiny, black kitten that gives off serious Luna / Sailor Moon vibes.

Snek (Rezz)

Just because Snek isn’t technically real doesn’t make it any less of a companion for Rezz.

The pet even comes to life in an illustrative form for her comic book Mass Manipulation. What started as a doodle has transformed into an extension of Rezz’s unique brand. We love Snek!

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Feature Image via Alison Wonderland