How quickly can someone go from absolute obscurity to performing at Coachella? Ask the Yodeling Boy from Walmart, who in the span of less than three weeks, has gone from doing his thing in a Walmart to being featured on Ellen and performing a full-on concert in that same Walmart’s parking lot.

Now, TMZ reports that Yodeling Boy, real name Mason Ramsey, has been tapped by at least two acts at the Indio Valley music festival for guest performances. The first artist according to TMZ is Whethan, who is performing 2:45PM in the Sahara tent today.

The second artist allegedly reaching out to young Ramsey is Post Malone. Unfortunately, Ramsey already has a booking at the Grand Ole Oprey on Saturday night, when Post is scheduled to play, but that doesn’t rule out an appearance for Weekend 2.

Whethan will be live streamed on Channel 3 of the Coachella stream at 5:15 today, so even if you’re not at the festival, you still have a chance to catch the magic happening.

Yodeling Boy’s breakout performance


Photo via Oh Dag Yo Photography