Only at Coachella would the Walmart Yodeling Kid get on stage with Whethan for a surprise performance. On the opposite end of the spectrum, only at Coachella would Jamie Foxx join Kygo on stage to perform “Sexual Healing.”

The A-list actor and ridiculously smooth vocalist joined the producer on stage during his set only to wow the crowd with a cover of the classic tune.┬áVideo footage below isn’t the best, but you’ll get the right idea. “Sexual Healing” is good for all of us.

F-bombs, hands in the air, shouted lyrics, and lots of love — honestly, this is probably the most hype version of “Sexual Healing” we’ve ever heard. Or, will ever hear for that matter.

And Jamie Foxx certainly knows how to work the stage. “If you’re about real love” — he shouts out — “If you’re about drinking and having a good time, make some noise right now!”

Truly, anything can happen at Coachella. Watch below and get ready for day 2!

Kygo x Jamie Foxx – Coachella 2018


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