Ultra Music Festival might be king of streaming in dance music, but it still can’t hold a candle to the mega festival that is Coachella. Overall, the biannual event attracted more than 43.1 million views and streams from 232 countries during its first weekend, a record for the festival and for YouTube.

But the real news is just how many viewers Saturday headliner Beyoncé snagged… hint: it’s a lot.

Beyoncé’s two-hour performance was streamed simultaneously by 458,000 viewers on YouTube worldwide. Even at the peak of Swedish House Mafia’s reunion at Ultra, there were between 160,000-180,000 viewers max on the live stream.

It’s also more than likely that her performance drew the bulk of the festival’s 126,000 attendees to the main stage on Saturday night. Though those numbers haven’t been released yet, only two other acts – Highly Suspect and X Japan – were scheduled to perform during the time of Beyoncé’s performance, limiting the alternative options for attendees.

But seriously, this performance will go down in Coachella history. Watch the epic seven-minute intro including “Crazy In Love” below.

Beyoncé – Coachella W1