Sometimes making a dream collaboration happen in real life is just a tweet away. In this case Odesza has reached out to one of today’s leading musical acts to make some magic happen.

Singer-songwriter Khalid has been making waves in the EDM world lately. First with his collaboration with Marshmello, “Silence.” And just recently we learned him and Martin Garrix have plans for a release together. Already a recognized name in electronic music, it only makes sense that Khalid would keep up with these types of features.

So when Odesza reached out via Twitter, he was all about it. Just a cool, “let’s do a tune together man” was all it took. “Let’s do it,” Khalid confirmed.

Knowing both artists and their capabilities, this collab already sounds like music to our ears. Thankfully, we can expect this to actually happen sometime in the near future. Twitter has confirmed it — just check out the exchange below.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the rest of the world was this simple…

Odesza & Khalid Tweets


Photo: Courtesy of Coachella/Nikki Jahanforouz