Kanye West has been relatively silent since he canceled his Saint Pablo Tour. Now, he seems totally refreshed and ready to release some new music. The producer just revealed via Twitter (yeah, he’s back!) that he has not one but two albums coming.

The first album is a solo Kanye West release with 7 songs dropping June 1st — which makes us so excited we can hardly stand it. Given that this creative mind has had ample time to work in the studio, there’s no telling what he’s come up with. But, if it’s half as good as The Life of Pablo we’ll be satisfied.

Next up, Kanye and Cudi have a joint album coming out June 8th. This will christen their new project together, Kids See Ghost. Hell yes.

In recent months, Kanye has made some surprise pop up performances with Kid Cudi back in his hometown of Chicago. Now it’s apparent that he and the rapper have been working more than just onstage together, but also in the studio.

We can’t wait to hear what Kids See Ghost sounds like!

Kanye West x Kid Cudi