When we hit play on a brand new track from Ghastly, it’s never totally for certain what we’re gonna get. This time he gave fans fair a heads up — and those who have been craving his untamed bass house style will be totally satisfied with “Black Mamba.”

Ghastly delivers a straight up in-your-face banger with this one. The track opens with traditional house chants and characteristics mixed with a g-house flair, which soon give into the wrath of the “Black Mamba.” It’s incredibly feisty, venomous and will leave you wanting more. As heavy as the track is, it’s easy to repeat.

The producer must be feeding directly off the momentum of this track leading into The Mystifying Oracle Tour. Ghastly’s first headlining tour is going to be extra special (and from the sounds of it, extra wild)!

“my first headlining tour begins today,” he just shared via socials. “we tested the full stage production last night and i’m blown away,” the producer just shared via his socials. “this project has taken 6 months and tons of resources to fully put together and i can’t believe it’s finally ready.”

Listen to “Black Mamba,” and then listen again and again.

Ghastly – Black Mamba