It’s time to feast your eyes and ears on the visual representation of “Bones,” a dark house single from FANGS featuring Emma Zander guaranteed to thrill and then some. But don’t be surprised if it gets greedy and completely takes over all your senses.

Where dark, dangerous imagery lives, “Bones” thrives. Caught somewhere between Spring Breakers and a horror film, the music video for FANGS’ latest single plays out. The track serves up a lush, addictive groove, and the visual game is on point, too. The “Bones” video is nothing but pure eye candy.

The track is incredibly alluring in itself, especially coming from such an elusive mystery producer as FANGS. The intricate sound design, from the baddest drop down to the softest whisper will keep you on the edge of your seat. In the end, “Bones” is bound to leave you wanting more.

If that’s the case, check out FANGS on YouTube and link up. You’ll find music videos for previously released tracks “Venom” and “Murder” are shot in the same striking way. Just, wow.

Fangs – Bones (Feat. Emma Zander)

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