Bad Company, or BCUK, are among the most influential and genre-defining artists in drum and bass. Seriously; ask pretty much any producer who’s worth their salt for their top three influences and BCUK will unequivocally be among them, likely as number one. From Noisia to Teddy Killerz, even to dubstep and halftime dons like Ivy Lab and Bassnectar, everyone knows and respects BCUK as being in the pantheon of bass music gods.

With the announcement of BCUK’s comeback album called Ice Station Zero┬áreleasing on RAM in late May, BCUK have been ramping up but also keeping it close. They’ve released five singles off the album so far but it’s not known if anything else will be made public before the album’s release and touring announcements are also quite limited. Luckily the legendary group did sit down with UKF to talk about the album as well as their thoughts about drum and bass, then and now. It’s more than worth a look:

Stay tuned for more info about this epic album from both BCUK and RAM. Ice Station Zero can be pre-ordered and the released tracks streamed by clicking here. Big thanks to UKF for the epic feature!