Over the years I have seen the concrete walls that house portions of Hart Plaza transform into wonderful works of chalk art by attendee’s wanting to express their love and excitement for life, their friends, the music, and of course, the festival. This year, however, Movement has announced the Detroit-based Muralist, Ouizi, as their artist-in-residence, a partnership with 1xRUN. Ouizi will be tasked with transforming the walls that lie just on the other side of the Pyramid into a sprawling shine-like installation. This piece is being created with the intention of being able to leave the audience with the ability to immerse themselves in an unrestricted environment.

“I do hope people feel spiritually lifted because that’s what I feel when I make the work” — Ouizi

In case you’ve missed out on any news regarding Movement thus far than don’t worry, check out their full lineup announcement here and be sure to snag your tickets while you still can for this Memorial Day weekend event.