Kanye West has been vocal about his support of President Donald Trump. Obviously — we have a split nation with many Trump supporters and many other anti-Trump activists. While Kanye is one of the former,Β Moby is one of the latter.

In a recent tweet the iconic producer speaks very candidly about his feelings toward Trump and why he thinks Kanye should not so closely associate himself with the leader of our country.

Dear Kanye,

You’ve made some great records.

But Donald Trump is a racist sociopath who is running the country.

Please don’t debase yourself by being a Trump supporter.

The bolded statement below reads loud and clear, but he continues, “Come on, Kanye, you’re too smart and talented to be a [Donald Trump] supporter.”

Now that Kanye West is back on Twitter, maybe Moby will actually get a response on this one. And with all this #KANYE2024 buzz, who knows what might happen next. Keep a close watch on @kanyewest.

Moby’s Message For Kanye West

The two men in this photo are, left, Lucian Grainge, head of Universal Music, and Lyor Cohen, center, currently head of Global Music at YouTube.