Facebook isn’t too proud to rip off a good idea. As it strives to become the ultimate one-stop-shop for all things social media, the platform is about to introduce user avatars.

The cutomizable cartoon-style characters are facetiously being dubbed as, “a totally original concept that is not similar to Snapchat‘s Bitmoji in any way.” In other words, Facebook’s new avatars are exactly like Bitmojis.

Twitter user Jane Manchun Wong was among the first to notice the avatar feature within Facebook’s Android app code. Although there are sure signs Facebook is about to launch its own avatars, the company has not indicated when the feature will be tested or ultimately introduced.

With these new Facebook avatars, users will be able to send stickers of themselves to friends and family — ya know, just like Bitmoji. The Book of Face will have to bring it though if it wants to compete with “Bitmoji Deluxe.” The app takes an extremely personalized approach to its characters, featuring new hairstyles and colors, skin tones and facial features.

Whenever Facebook launches its avatars, it’s likely users will be able to get a head start via photo upload, or start from scratch.

Can Facebook just chill?

Facebook Avatar – “Totally Not Snapchat’s Bitmoji”



Source: Mashable