How can you trust something is genuine when the signs are invisible to the human eye?

It’s a good question and one that, unfortunately, people run into everyday when trying to identify prescription medication and other items with questionable authenticity. But now, thanks to this new AI-enabled scanner, you can properly detect counterfeit pills and more by using your iPhone.

IBM Research‘s Crypto Anchor Verifier searches for visual clues that prove a given substance’s authenticity. Not only can this help with identifying pills, professionals are using this same system to determine diamond clarity, identify different types of oil and wine, detect paper currency, and more. Most importantly though, the scanner can check the validity of life-saving medications.

IBM boasts that this scanner, paired with blockchain technology, will be able to ensure virtually any product’s authenticity from its point of origin to the hands of the customer within the next five years. When we can all be our own experts, that will be a beautiful thing.

IBM’s latest technology is groundbreaking to say the least. Learn more here.

IBM – Crypto Anchor Verifier


H/T: TechCrunch