It’s been over two years since LAZER LAZER LAZER has dropped a new, full track. We got a short teaser in the beginning of April, along with an EP announcement on Twitter, but that was all. So color us surprised today when the former mystery artist tweeted out a full remix of Pendulum’s “Blood Sugar.”

“Blood Sugar” was infamously remixed by Knife Party recently, a remix which was faced with almost overwhelmingly negative reviews. The remix seemed abundantly lazy, even by Rob Swire standards, though that didn’t stop Swire from defending himself.

Now, if you remember, LAZERx3 has always had a pretty close sound to Knife Party. So if you were waiting for that classic KP sound, well… here you have it. It’s bouncy, it’s electro, the soundscape is more lush and full and less prone to lapses in rhythm than the actual Knife Party remix.

We’re not really sure why LAZERx3 uploaded it to Clyp of all services, but we’re not mad. Check it out below:


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