Alyx Ander is on fire. The man is doing big things and is on his way to become quite the star in house music. His latest single is one of his best, teaming up with two extremely talented artists, Redondo and vocalist Maria Z., for “Casually”, out now via Spinnin’ Records! This release marks the first from Alyx Ander on Spinnin’ Records and is his second effort with Maria Z., with whom Alyx worked on his debut single, “Close Enough.”

“Casually” is a vibrant and up-lifting track that comes at an ideal time of the year as its epitomizes the quintessential “summer song.” Pairing an infectious groove with dynamic vocals, these guys all created a smash that you can’t help but love.

In speaking on the collaboration Alyx Ander had the following to say:

Maria and I have been trying to work together again for three years, ever since we made ‘Close Enough.’ When Redondo and I started working with her on this one, we knew right away that we had something special. I can’t wait to play this for people live.

A week after the song’s release, Alyx Ander will be performing at Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas on Sunday, May 20th on the Cosmic Meadow stage. If you’re attending, be sure to catch him there for what is sure to be an unforgettable set, otherwise kick back and listen to “Casually” below!