Since Avicii‘s death, many have looked back to see how the artist’s substance abuse issues may have affected his life. It’s no secret touring artists often struggle with alcoholism and drug dependency. Substance abuse has affected everyone from Benga to Hunter Siegel.

The latest artist to come clean about his substance abuse issues is Luciano. A legendary techno and house producer and DJ, Luciano has apparently grappled with substance abuse for nearly 22 years. He revealed he is a year sober in a lengthy post from his personal Facebook account. In the post, he recounts his own issues while touring, including anxiety and depression leading into substance abuse.

Luciano said Avicii’s death inspired him to write the post, and that he felt personally connected to Avicii’s own struggles. He also admitted that his heart almost stopped a year ago, and doctors told him he would die if he continued his habits. He finally checked into rehab in Thailand, and ever since has been sober.

Luciano’s post is another cautionary tale for touring artists. We’re happy to read he’s learned to tour with his health in mind; we can’t lose another great artist to substance abuse.

Read the full post below:

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Posted by Lucien Nicolet on Friday, May 4, 2018


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