About a year ago, Alan Walker unleashed “Ignite” with K-391 — which was beautiful enough to satisfy fans at the time. But, being that the track was dubbed as an “instrumental,” they’ve been hoping for more all along.

As pointed out in our initial write up, the original release definitely needed vocals: The song definitely suffers from a lack of vocals as many of the bridges seem like something is missing. If anything else, we’re glad that we’ll be getting a (hopefully) improved version of this track before too long.

The single was overshadowed by the curiosity surrounding it — because why would an instrumental be released first, before the track was ever completed?! One year, one month, and three days later and we finally have “Ignite” in its finished form.

Here’s what the producer has to say: [K-391] is a huge inspiration and influence for me. I am so excited that “Ignite” is now released! Having [Julie Bergan & Seungri] on the track makes it even better and I really hope you’ll like the song.

As you can hear, this track sounds so much better with some vocals there to guide it. Finally, Alan Walker fans will hear what he and K-391 were going for. What do you think? Was it worth the wait?

K-391 – Ignite ft. Alan Walker, Julie Bergan, Seungri

Alan Walker – Ignite (Instrumental)


Photo via Rukes.com