Marshmello just learned a very valuable lesson — mom knows best when it comes to cooking, especially on Mother’s Day!

It’s time to meet the wonderful woman, er, Marshmello that brought your favorite DJ into this world. Mama Mello joins him in the kitchen today to show fans how to bake one of their favorite family recipes.

Naturally, they’re making chocolate Marshmello pie. But wait, isn’t that sort of┬ácannibalistic? Oh well, it sounds delicious. Much like all the best family recipes, it calls for melted chocolate, butter, butter, and — oh yeah — whipped cream.

Enjoy this episode of “Cooking with Marshmello” for what it’s worth. At the very least, be entertained as Marshmello’s mom grabs him by his invisible ear. And, Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing moms out there!

Cooking With Marshmello – Mother’s Day Edition


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