Even as speaker technology has improved, the concept of experiencing sound at a show hasn’t really changed that much. Clubs are still limited by the sounds that producers create; and most electronic music is made at most in stereo. Even as you place more speakers around the club, you can only ever achieve two channels of sound. However, with Dolby Atmos, the sound revolves around you in a three-dimensional space, untethered by those old limitations.

Many artists have taken advantage of the Dolby Atmos system already, including The Glitch MobLondon Elektricity, Yousef, and Deadmau5. Deadmau5 features on the latest video in Dolby’s series on Atmos technology on YouTube, going into detail how he produces a song for the 3D space.

Deadmau5 even says that he’ll produce all his new songs first in Atmos to give them the most three-dimensional sound, and then “submix” down to stereo after for more common systems and listening.

The whole technology behind the Atmos system is incredible, and teaming up with deadmau5 is a no brainer. Watch the video below to learn more.


Photo via Rukes.com