Omg, Rezz! What are you trying to do to us?

The producer just unleashed a new ID fans are calling “Life & Death,” going off from just a couple of words that make for the new song’s lyrics. There’s something delicate about this one, but it’s gnarly to it’s core. Space Mom always delivers, but we almost can’t believe our ears.

This definitely sounds like a Rezz track, but whether it be a collaboration or all her is yet to be determined. Some speculate it will end up on her new album, which she claims is already done. We sure hope so, because this bangs, has all the feels, and rocks the perfect mix of sweet and satanic.

Listen below and look out for it as a rarity in Rezz sets to come! “Life & Death” is definitely giving us life right now — we absolutely love it!

Rezz ID – Life & Death


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