Two attendees died this past weekend at Mutiny Festival in the UK. Hearsay reports following their death place the blame on a bad or particularly strong batch of ‘Green Heineken‘ pills, though official autopsy reports are still pending.

Tommy Cowan, 20, and Georgia Jones, 18, died after falling ill within 20 minutes of each other at the festival in Portsmouth on Saturday night.

Both families have spoken out on the incident, and want their children’s deaths to be a lesson about taking drugs, especially in the festival environments.

Damian Cowan, 43, said: “It’s no good saying ‘don’t do drugs.’ All I can say is ‘take this on board, look what’s happened, if you want to end up that way, carry on’. If you don’t, don’t even think about it.”

Jones’ mother Janine Milburn echoed similar sentiments on Facebook, writing, “If nothing else I hope what has happened to her will deter you from taking anything ever.”

In a statement, Jones’s family said: “Georgia was a very strong-willed and opinionated young lady. She was a shoulder for anyone that needed it.

“She loved her job working with people with learning and physical difficulties. We just hope she uses her ‘indoor voice’ wherever she may be.”

The second day of Mutiny was cancelled as a “safety precaution.”