Yesterday we reported on the tragic passing of two Mutiny Festival attendees who died after taking what was thought to be a bad batch, or very strong batch, of pills. Now, it has come to light the 18-year-old girl, Georgia Jones, and 20-year-old male, Tommy Cowan, had each probably taken two ‘Green Heineken’ tablets each.

Today, Hampshire police confirmed three men have been arrested on suspicion of supplying class A drugs at the music festival — the drugs which are thought to have caused the deaths of both young people. According to a report, the men were arrested before the “horror unfolded.”

One fan tipped off The Mirror, as reported by The Sun“People said she may have had two pills and if they were the Green Heinekens, I can see why as my friend only had one and he was in a right state afterwards. We had not heard anything about any drug warning, but as soon as people started getting ill it was blamed on the Green Heinekens.”

There are other similar accounts from the music festival of illnesses and ultimately 15 people wound up at the hospital. One person is still in critical condition.

Festival organizers issued an urgent warning about the super-strength pills as quickly as they could and ended up cancelling the second day of the festival to keep everyone safe.


H/T: The Sun | Photo via Mutiny Festival