Guns and backflips don’t mix — and, unfortunately, that needed to be learned the hard way in this situation.

Apparently an off-duty FBI agent was getting down at a dance club in Denver last night when things went horribly wrong. According to multiple reports, the agent’s gun dislodged during a backflip and accidentally went off when he reached for it. The bullet struck another attendee in the leg. 

As you can see in the video below, this guy was really letting loose before his gun fell down to the ground. Just as he grabbed toward the firearm, it went off. What you can’t see is that someone standing nearby took the bullet. Thankfully, that person is said to be in good condition following the incident.

The craziest part is — the FBI agent walks off so nonchalantly. Not such a smooth move.

The nightclub, the identity of the accidental shooter, and the name of the hospital where the victim was treated all remain unidentified by reports at this time. The police investigation is still underway and any charges will be determined by the Denver District Attorney’s Office.

Off-Duty FBI Agent’s Gun Goes Off in Club


Source: ABC News