San Holo’s “Right Here, Right Now” featuring Taska Black was released this past March, and today has received a set of remixes from a variety of talented producers. While we’d normally devote equal focus to all of the artists remixing, we want to put extra emphasis on the remix done by fellow bitbird artist Fytch.

The original is a whimsical tune filled with dainty whistles and lightly distorted guitar, accompanied by some delicately modified vocals; overall, it wasn’t a particularly impactful track in the sense of audio intensity. Though it’s definitely a crowd-pleaser at events, it lacks that “something.” That “something” is supplied heavily by Fytch who takes the tone of the original down a few notches.

The actual effects placed on the remix are hard to accurately characterize, but it effectively gains a lot more character and darkness. The vocals remain mostly intact, keeping the overall intent of the song, but rather than a hopefulness to it, it’s more morose and wistful.

This is such an absolutely beautiful piece of music, it had to get its own feature. You can listen to the rest of the remix EP from Analogue Dear and SAINT WKND here.