Said The Sky’s debut album Wide-Eyed is out on July 20, and we’ve already got a hefty number of tracks available to listen to. Based on just the common track arts, we can safely assume that “Show & Tell,” “Pray for Me,” “All I Got,” and “Faded” will be on the album. (Of course, it also helps that he revealed the tracklist a number of days ago.) The latest single is an emotionally-charged ballad with phenom Matthew Koma called “Over Getting Over You.”

The theme of the song is one that I think we can all identify with. You’ve just broken up with someone you care about, or they’ve broken up with you, and you’re sick of feeling that pit in your stomach. Their absence is felt in everything you do, but at some point, you have to be over getting over that person.

In that sense, it’s a beautifully uplifting and sad song at the same time, dealing with loss and hope and overcoming hardships and facing those hardships head on.

We’re excited to hear the rest of the songs on the album in a little over a month! For now, listen to “Over Getting Over You” below.