Alexander Lewis has long been one of dance music’s best brass players; while a multitude of other artists make use of trumpet or saxophone, Lewis is the only one to employ trombone in his tracks and also play it live. This gives him an unprecedented edge in the trap game wherein trombone notes are the perfect fit for those vibes.

Today, Alexander Lewis officially unveils OMNI., a 7-track EP and the most hip-hop-oriented project that he’s released to date. Having already released single “Clockwise” feat. Nick Row, “March,” “Off Guard,” and “Wassup” feat. MadeinTYO & S’natra, OMNI. takes shape in the most glorious of ways.

Lewis has teetered the line between hip hop, trap, and jazz in his productions in the past, whereas OMNI. is decidedly more hip hop than anything he’s done before. This is nowhere more evident than on new EP tracks “Back Then” feat. William $ and “Come Up On My Side” feat. Armani White.

A major appeal of OMNI. is how well it flows between tracks, often continuing to bridge electronic and hip hop elements throughout. You can have a myriad of synthetic pads and synths in one track and more minimal production and rap in the next, and you wouldn’t bat an eyelash.

Alexander Lewis is celebrating the release of OMNI., his first project in 2 years, with an album listening show at The Moroccan Lounge in Downtown, LA tonight, June 1.

Upcoming Shows

6/1 – Los Angeles, CA @ Moroccan Lounge w/ Y2K
9/2 – New York, NY @ Electric Zoo 2018