J’Moris is a hip hop artist who’s relatively new to the game, with his first EP called The Hangover released about two years ago. His Soundcloud shows tracks posted over five years ago, however, with an equally well-developed style. The Dallas native’s most recent track called “K.A.M” shows some difference in said style, however, compared to older tracks from The Hangover and 2016’s “Dope Life” video.

By the time “Dope Life” and The Hangover released in 2016, J’Moris had already shifted his content a bit from introspective and real to somewhat more party-based, but there was still a heavy street quality about his lyrics. While “Dope Game” was ostensibly about selling dope, there was still a melancholic tone to it, and listeners likely got the sense that the track was less bragging or flossing and more pointing out the hardships and the true lack of glamour in that “life.”

K.A.M. marks another shift in J’Moris’s style in tow ways. First of all the timbre and meter of his vocals is quite different. In previous iterations, J’Moris’s tone has a down pull to it at the end of each phrase, but otherwise stayed quite monotone. It worked well with the slow, Southern style beat and trap hop in most of his tracks. For K.A.M., the music is much more upbeat and EDM-inspired, though still in the trap wheelhouse. Here J’Moris has adjusted his lyrics for the music, making his phrases shorter and faster and containing a lot more syncopation around the meter. His vocal tone is decidedly more upward-lilting than in previous tracks, similar to Prof or early Atmosphere.

Content has also continued to change for J’Moris in this single, as now his lyrics are decidedly more party-oriented than previously, and taking on a much more braggadocious tone than in “Dope Life.” It may be just for this single, however, as it’s clearly in J’Moris to discuss more heavy topics, and he doesn’t seem like one to not express what’s on his mind.

J’Moris is one to watch because of the fact that his small discography is already quite diverse. It seems he could go anywhere with his next track, from staying in the more hip hop end of trap to remixing or even working lyrics over an even more EDM-tinged track than K.A.M. If he does decide to go that route, K.A.M is definitely his ground-floor track.

“K.A.M.” can be streamed on J’Moris’s Soundcloud along with his previous work. He also can be streamed on Deezer and Spotify.