Alesso and Sebastian Ingrosso’s “Calling” was already a smash hit when it was released, but it became iconic when they brought Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic on to do vocals for it. The track is an absolute classic in the annals of dance music history.

Now, it’s very possible that Alesso and Tedder are teaming up once again. In this since-deleted Instagram story from Alesso, we can see what looks like a studio, and a tag for Tedder’s Instagram. Based on the blurriness, we can assume this was a video; but since this is just a screengrab, we can’t absolutely confirm that, nor what else could have been shown (or heard) in the video.

Of course, Alesso could just be visiting with Tedder, or the other way around, but we want to believe there’s something more going on here.

Listen again to “Calling” here.


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