Instagram has been all about photos and video sharing from the start — but soon its users may have the opportunity to make their shares even longer. According to a recent report, we’re talking up to an hour worth of footage in one share!

First, the app allowed 15-second videos, which was hardly long enough to share half of a good drop. When that was extended to allow for minute-long videos it felt like a lifetime. Going past a minute would be cool, but thinking about watching an hour-long video on Instagram, at this point, seems pretty crazy.

A report from the Wall Street Journal, and reiterated by Market Watch, says the new feature would focus on vertical videos, or videos taller than they are wide. Users would have much more control over the time their content runs — obviously 1 minute vs. 60 minutes is a huge game changer.

This sounds like Facebook-owned Instagram’s way of competing with popular video streaming services like YouTube.

Plans are “tentative and subject to change,” so we’ll have to wait and see how this all pans out.


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