Chicago-area fans hoping to catch Virtual Self’s debut set in the region will have to unfortunately wait as the man behind the machine, Porter Robinson, just announced that he would unfortunately have to perform as ‘just’ Porter Robinson instead.

Robinson’s Virtual Self project was set to debut in the Midwest this weekend at Chicago’s Spring Awakening Festival but due to issues with the stage and production, Robinson will only be performing a DJ set instead.

Porter Robinson has made a name for himself within the EDM community for his incredible use of visuals and the high production level of his sets so it’s no surprise that him and his team have taken the necessary precautions to ensure that a Virtual Self show is indeed a ‘Virtual Self’ show without too much compromise. Robinson has a few Virtual Self billed shows announced still but with none in the Midwest for the time being, his fans will unfortunately have to wait for more news.


Featured Image: Rukes