This headline might read like it’s from 2011, but no. This is 2018, folks. Skrillex has announced a remix for Pendulum‘s iconic track “The Island Pt. 1 (Dawn).”

Skrillex announced the remix with a rather odd video. The video includes footage of Skrillex skating with a dog, snowboarding and hanging out at a skate park. The 12-second video includes a snippet of what the remix will sound like, even though it’s unbearably short. It sounds like the remix will be heavy on horns, perhaps even a trap remix. The remix releases on Friday, so we’ll find out then. Pendulum tweeted about the remix as well.

Pendulum – The Island Pt. 1 (Skrillex Remix). Out Friday

Posted by Skrillex on Wednesday, June 6, 2018

This remix may seem random, but it fits into a larger release from Pendulum. Pendulum will release a remix album called The Reworks on June 29, complete with remixes of classic Pendulum tracks. Artists on the album include Noisia, ATTLAS, DJ Seinfeld, Moby and even Knife Party.

Check back on Friday to hear Skrillex’s remix of Pendulum’s “The Island Pt. 1 (Dawn)”!