Jane In Space are a duo from New York who actively defy definition of their style by somehow moving seamlessly through a huge range of genres. From techno to industrial to eastern-influenced rock to LCD Soundsystem-style indie pop, Jane In Space’s first self-titled album released in late 2016 actively sought to challenge listeners to figure out where they’re going next with each passing bar.

Jane In Space’s second mini-album Gorerunner is due out July 14 and it’s decidedly more industrial-leaning, but there’s still a decent bit of electronica running through it. Case in point is the first single, “Eat Your Face.” While this track is constructed like a pop or rock song with the music following the Reznor-like vocals and their verse-chorus-verse structure, its beat is clearly bass-heavy techno. Despite being a little more focused with their style, with “Eat Your Face” Jane In Space are still straddling multiple genres and this is a track that will work well both for the dancefloor and the radio.

It’s unclear whether Jane In Space have decided to focus more on industrial, indie rock and techno as seems to be the case with Gorerunner or whether this album is a bridge to them experimenting even further. With their first album showing so many styles and this one being such a high-quality focused sound, the duo could really go anywhere they want. It’s likely just a matter of what they enjoy.

Gorerunner by Jane In Space is out July 13, with more singles expected to be released shortly. Check out their Soundcloud and YouTube channel for more singles from their first album and their website for purchase links.