Summer music festivals are the perfect places to really express yourself, both in personality and in fashion. In fact, the two often go hand in hand. So if you’re really looking to set yourself apart and be one of a kind this summer, GloFX has a new line of goggles that are perfect for your more “freaky” side.

The new Pixel Pro Goggles are perfect for the person who wants to stand out in the crowd. Featuring 32 super bright LEDs around the rim of the goggles, you can pick from over 350 modes and a full color spectrum to create the perfect match to your unique style.

These would also be the perfect gift for any dance music fan.

The Pixel Pro LED Goggles start at $69.99 (purchase here) but you can enter below for your chance to win a pair for free! The contest is only going for the next week, so hurry and enter now before you forget!

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