Following Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival over the weekend four paramedics have been hospitalized for potential carbon monoxide poisoning.

Coffee County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Lucky Knott concluded the exhaust of a generator was blocked, so the recreational vehicle these paramedics were staying in filled up with the deadly gas. Thankfully, one of the four people woke up and was able to call on help.

Three were airlifted for treatment, and the fourth was taken to a nearby hospital. Names and conditions have yet to be released. At least 37 other Bonnaroo attendees were hospitalized for various reasons throughout the music festival as of Monday morning.

Additionally, 32-year-old Michael Donivan was found dead in his car on the second day. It’s understood that he was found with his car running and the heat on. No cause of death has been determined yet.

“The safety of our patrons is our highest priority, and our sympathies go out to his family and friends,” said Bonnaroo organizers in a statement.


Source: Billboard