We’ve all been there… That moment when you send a private Snapchat message and instantly regret it. Maybe it was an accident, a typo, sent to the wrong person, or maybe you were a little too tipsy to use your best discretion at that particular moment.

Whatever the case, Snap is introducing a ‘Clear Chats’ option so you can make all that regret disappear, if you catch it in time! Taking a move out of Instagram’s playbook, Snapchat introduces the new feature that allows users to unsend messages made in error.

This is different from the ‘Clear Conversation’ option, which only erases messages on your end. The newly introduced ‘Clear Chats’ gives you the power to take back any conversation’s text messages, stickers, audio, or photos and videos sent from your Memories section. This feature works in both one-on-one convos and group chats with multiple users.

But, there’s a catch. According to Business Insider:

“If you swiped up and sent an archived post, it’s deletable. But if you opened your camera and took a picture or video — or if you just took a screenshot of someone else’s picture or video — once it’s sent, it’s sent. No deleting.”

If you’re able to catch applicable messages and media before the recipient sees it, and clear it, there will be no way for the person to look up — or worse, screenshot — whatever it is you sent. In fact, those Snaps will be removed from the social media’s servers altogether.

However, these deletions won’t go totally unnoticed. Snapchat says it will alert all parties involved when a message has been deleted.

This new Snapchat option just might save our social lives at one point or another! Whew.


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Source: Business Insider