Snapchat generally attracts younger social media users, but now it’s going after a more mature audience with its latest feature — which is a real crowd pleaser for concert goers!

In a joint effort, Snap Inc. and SeatGeek are teaming up to offer tickets to all sorts of events through the social media platform. That means users can soon seamlessly buy their way into all their favorite shows without ever leaving the app.

Picture this: you see an awesome Snap recap from your favorite DJ or venue, and you can buy tickets to the next one without lifting anything but your thumbs. It’s the same kind of ticket sales initiative Instagram just recently introduced, as well.

Through Snaphat’s new feature, fans will be able to buy tickets to sporting events, Broadway shows, concerts and more. The possibilities are endless.

This feature was first tested early this year and reports suggest an official rollout could be coming soon. Get ready to Snap your way to all your favorite shows in the near future!


Source: Tech Times