UPDATE: Broward Co. Sheriff’s Dept. reports XXXTentacion has been officially pronounced dead. Rest in peace.

Rapper XXXTentacion has been shot, news outlet TMZ reports. An eyewitness says he appeared “lifeless” and “without a pulse” after a gunman ran up on his vehicle and shot him.

The 20-year-old was out shopping for motorcycles in South Florida when the crime took place today. As he was leaving the dealer, that’s when the suspect allegedly ran up to the vehicle and shot him.

Other than a #1 album, XXXTentacion has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons. XXX has been awaiting trial for the alleged domestic abuse of his pregnant girlfriend and was at the center of Spotify’s since rolled-back “Hateful Conduct” policy.

According to TMZ, he has more than a dozen felony charges in total.

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CAUTION: This video may be graphic for some viewers.

Additional reports claim the rapper is still alive despite extremely graphic videos indicating he might not be.

Please watch the below video with care, it is extremely graphic. 

If you’re unfamiliar with his music, XXXTentacion embraced a more “emo” side of hip hop. He references life, death and drugs often.

Below is a playlist of his most popular songs.

According to the dispatch recording below the suspect was driving a black Dodge Journey.

He was taken into the hospital as a Level 1 trauma patient, which is the most serious level, and was described as comatose.

Source: TMZ